Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.

I have been thinking about this more since I have been watching the movie Food Inc. The connection I made was to our government that it can’t control its own food production because if they shut companies down they would lose lots of money. If you watch Food Inc., you would understand why these companies have to drastically change to be just to the animals and to the people who work there. Governments have to figure out how they can get the power over these companies by making laws that allow then to shut the companies down or make them change the way they work.

Have you seen Food Inc? Do you think you agree that bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny?

Sloof Lirpa

This morning I woke up and ate all of my parent’s toast before they could get it.  Then I went to school but I didn’t go past the front door, haha.  I waited until everyone went in and then I went home and switched the toothpaste with ketchup.  Then I switched the cat’s water with Perrier.  The cat made a funny face, shook and ran out of the house with urgency!  After that I made myself go to school.  I told my teacher that I was in a meeting with the Prime Minister and he wouldn’t let me go because I had stolen his watch and he wanted it back.  What an interesting day!

Sloof Lirpa! (;

Winter Harbour

Getting up the next morning we say good by to the Don Quixote’s.  The winds were favorable and we had a fast sail to Winter Harbour.  Winter Harbour is a small  town that is mostly used by sports fisherman during the salmon season.  There is a general store, fuel, showers and laundry facilities.  We   decided to stay the night at the dock to get laundry done.  After going for a walk along the water front board walk, a local fisherman had returned with the days catch and it was huge.  About a dozen large salmon and another dozen Halibut were layed out on the dock!  My mother managed to get a large piece of Halibut for our dinner.  It was very tasty but I got sick from it, only to discover that I am allergic to Halibut later.  We enjoyed showers, clean clothes and a few fresh food supplies then off we went to anchor for anther night.Fishing near Winter harbour

Sea Otter Cove

IMG_0140We got up the next morning after the storm and took Took to one of the small islands for a pee.  While Took was doing his thing, I walked up the shore where I found a glass ball among some plastic bottles that had been washed up on the beach. There used to be lots of glass balls on the the coast because the Japanese fisherman used them on their fish nets. Now they use plastic and most of the glass ones have been found ;  it was my lucky day!  After that we took the Don Quitote-ites, the family that we met in Bull Harbour on a rather muddy hike to a VERY nice beach .  At the beach we built  a big fire and swam in the surf.  For a a real tasty beach snack we harvested to some mussels and cooked them on the fire, yum mm!   Unfortunately as the day grew late we had to do the muddy tail once again but it was worth it.IMG_0143

Around Cape Scott

We left Port McNeil, spent a night near Port Hardy and then on to Bull Harbour, the last safe anchorage before your sail around Cape Scott.  Bull Harbour is where we met a family on a Lagoon 38 catamaran from Seattle that were starting their trip to Mexico by sailing around Vancouver Island. Toast Conger (the mom) still has an eBlog that you might want to check out Toast Floats.  The next morning after deliberating about the marine weather report we left Bull Harbour.  Cape Scott is the most dangerous passage when circumnavigating Vancouver Island because of the large tide currents and wind.  There was big swell but with a favorable wind, 8 hours later we made it to our destination.  Boy were we ever glad to get into Sea Otter Cove because a gale was starting to blow !  Took was particularly happy and looking forward to his dry tent getting set up !


Echo Bay to Port McNeil

Leaving Echo Bay on a rainy day, sailing west to Insect Island about 2 hours away.  Here’s we were to spend 2 days socked-in with bad weather.  When things got lighter put on rain gear and  took our Zodiac to Insect Island where we explored trails that were all on top of the biggest middens we had ever seen.  While were hanging out on the beach after a lunch of cheese and crackers, a mom dolphin an her two babies came by.  They were really cute.


The next day we set off for Port McNeil to stock up with supplies for the last time until we arrive in Tofino many days from now.  We also went to a restaurant, did our laundry and had nice long showers.  Because of  a large storm coming the harbour was crowed and I think we were one of the last boats to get a slip.

Up Johnston Strait to the Broughton Islands

From Read Island we were to traveled north to the Broughton Islands where the Killer Whales spend the summer months. We also have friends that run a kayaking bed and breakfast just north of Echo Bay called the Paddlers Inn.  Our first challenge was Gillard Passage because during the large tide exchanges the current is extremely strong, in fact it runs faster than our boat, so timing is very critical not to mention the giant whirlpools the size of large boats!  You also see hundreds of eagles waiting to catch any fish that get stunned by the rough waters. From here we spent one night in a small bay and then the next day stopped at Yorke Island which was the gun outpost during WWII that watched over Johnstone Strait.

WWII Outpost

WWII Outpost

It was really cool to see all the battlements and bomb cellars.  It took one more over night before we reached Echo Bay which has a great collection of colourful floathouses.

Echo Bay Floathouses

Echo Bay Floathouses

What is blogging is to me?

Screen shot 2010-01-13 at 4.48.42 PM


Well, blogging is a little sweet and sour for me.  The sour part is that sometimes my work doesn’t turn out they way I want it to and it is slow going for me.   The sweet part of blogging is I like to see what creative things other people do and sharing the things that I like to do, like sail boats.

(Me and my dad made this  picture)